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The desire to EXECUTE

Ellis Rugazoora '21

Major | Mechanical Engineering

Minor | Computer Science

Nest | HomeLab

On of the biggest questions that I have developed during my brief Hatchery experience so far is whether it is possible to prove the feasibility of any solution

without actually using any capital? It would be a shame if capital was the sole hindering factor in the testing/prototyping of a great solution. This is something I commonly think about. My intentions for applying to the Hatchery were to, first and foremost, exhaust all the entrepreneurial ideas that I thought up and secondly to learn how to approach a problem and creation of a solution the right way. I would be greatly satisfied if left the program equipped with the tools necessary to develop an idea into a solution and bring the solution to the masses. I have already been learning a lot about the design process, which I have seen to be a very effective tool that is applicable to so many types of entrepreneurial ventures.

I am in the HomeLab Nest working to make housing more affordable and sustainable for low-income families/individuals. I felt very attached to this Nest and specifically this problem because it is one that is very prevalent, not only in the states, and a solution would greatly benefit many people around the globe. I am also very intrigued by finance (even though I'm a MechE major) and using it to help those of lower income. I do think of myself as in entrepreneur because I think I am very inquisitive and continuously in thought about issues that I would like to solve. The Hatchery has shown me that entrepreneurs are not only creative but extremely open-minded, collaborative, hard-working and have the desire to EXECUTE.

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