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The Tale of the Finance Intern

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Bai Hao Yu '21

Major | Finance

Internship | New Delhi, India | Coworkin

An experience that placed me outside of my comfort zone during this internship was when I was assigned the task of photographing the new office spaces for advertising purposes. This task was rather unexpected because when my supervisor knew I was a finance major, he assigned me the role of doing financial analytics at the beginning of the internship. I was satisfied with the financial analytics role because it matched my finance background and it just seemed "natural". I assumed I was going to stay in the finance department doing analytics for the rest of the summer.

That was the initial mindset until one of my fellow interns, Ruben, reached out to me. He also worked at, but he was responsible for social media/marketing and was tasked with promoting the new office spaces as part of's rapid expansion it is currently undergoing. He expressed the concern that there wasn't enough material like updated photographs of the new office spaces to use for the marketing campaign. The photographs that the company had on file was rendered images of the building or just the empty office space without any furniture because the renovation was completed recently. Ruben knew I did photography as a hobby and he saw some of my work in the past, so he reached out to me wondering if I was interested to do a photo shoot for the new office spaces.

I was interested to do the photo shoot but I was also hesitant because I was afraid my skill wasn't good enough for the task. When I was doing photography as a hobby, I didn't have pressure because it was just for me personally. But if I am doing photography for the company, I will be responsible for producing quality work to meet the expectations. My fellow interns continued to encourage me and told me to give it a try. When it came down to making the final decision, I asked myself one question, "What will be the worst outcome if this attempt fails?" The worst possible outcome for this attempt will be the marketing supervisor rejecting my photographs and I return to doing financial analytics. In summary, I have nothing to lose because I will just go back to doing my original task. After thinking about it, I accepted the challenge and agreed to do the photo shoot for the new office spaces.

After doing the photo shoot and editing the photos in Lightroom, I showed the final product to the marketing supervisor and the founder. I was prepared for rejection but surprisingly, they were satisfied with the photos. They expressed that the company will use them as materials for future social media posts and in advertising brochures for the new office spaces. They asked me if I wanted to do another photoshoot at other locations in the future. That is the tale of a finance intern unexpectedly ending up doing photography for the marketing department during his summer internship at .

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