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"They were telling us that we belong here."

John Lim '19 | FinTech

Major | International Relations, Economics

Hometown | Berlin, NJ

Throughout my time at Lehigh, I sought out any and every opportunity that I found interesting. I joined student organizations, such as the Gryphon Society and Student Senate, to gain leadership experience. I worked as a youth representative to the United Nations and interned abroad in Vienna in order to become a better professional. I was critiqued, humbled, and challenged at every turn.

As I began wrapping up my college experience, I was looking for one last interesting experience. Which opportunity on campus will not only encourage me to improve but also present a unique challenge? LehighSiliconValley was the natural choice to round up my time at Lehigh. I applied to LSV as a way to be challenged to think differently and meet some of the brightest students on campus. It became obvious to me that LSV will meet my expectations starting on the first day. As I worked through the case studies with my team and heard other teams present as well, I could not help but be impressed by everyone. This belief was only reinforced by the various speakers I’ve met throughout the program. Representatives from several high-profile companies were willing to have candid conversations with us and treat us with respect—almost as if they were telling us that we belong here. The network of amazing LSV people, along with the industry knowledge from learning through the program, will be valuable assets for me as I begin my professional career.

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