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"This is a real life experience"

Tasnim Chowdhury '22 | Queens, NY

Major | Sociology, Political Science

Minor | Mass Communication

“To be an entrepreneur you need to be in the business school.” I applied and come to LehighSiliconValley thinking that I wouldn’t be a good fit for this program and will be completely lost while everyone takes away many skills and adapts behavior of all the successful entrepreneurs we met.

However this drastically changed within the first day of LehighSiliconValley where I realized that this is a real life experience of entrepreneurship in the capital of entrepreneurship. This isn’t a business class where everything is driven through logistics and economics. I understood very quickly that anyone is able to be an entrepreneur through the execution of proper organization and a healthy mentality. One needs to have the grit within them to accomplish great. One needs to have the drive in them to go through with the plan. One needs to take risk that may make their vision to the highest success it can reach. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Taking these risks may result in the success of many companies we see and admire today. None of the companies that we use everyday wouldn’t have been here if they didn’t take risks. I very well do think that I am an entrepreneur at the end of this program because I understood that I attainted many skills that others don’t have. It’s just a matter of turning these visions into reality and how well one can execute it.

The way success is portrayed at Silicon Valley really goes to show that success is not easily attainable. Many of the companies that we met, all the founders and CEO’s have extremely crazy visions but find ways to go about objectives and critically think what is beneficial and what is not. They all exposed us to the real life work day and how it isn’t just the success sorry that we know today but also all the hard failures that also came with the establishment today.

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