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"This wonderful immersion program"

Arun Korrapati '20G | Andhra Pradesh, India

Major | Master of Business Administration

I am glad that I made a decision to be part of# LSV2020 program. The LSV program provided endless opportunities to learn from amazing entrepreneurs and thoughtful leaders. Interacting with these entrepreneurs and learning from their stories provided deep understanding of entrepreneurship, startup culture. LSV helped me to develop entrepreneurship thinking and created confidence to start building ideas to create impact.

Stories from Varmour, Zipline, Bullpen Capital and interacting with these teams helped to understand how entrepreneurs are passionate about their ideas and find innovative ways to bring them to world The key advice from all of entrepreneurs is "its okay to fail but learn from failures" and be patience enough to create a successful startup. LSV cleared a lot of myths about entrepreneurship and misconceptions about Venture Capitalist culture. LSV has a great network of entrepreneurs which cant be found anywhere else.

As a working professional for more than 10 years, I have many aha! moments during the program but the session with Sandy Stelling was a great motivation on how to shape professional career. Personally what I will take from my interaction with Sandy and implement immediately is to change from current position and pivot to completely different role. Sandy motivated me to try different career paths in my career with her amazing stories. Sandy also helped me to consider employee wellbeing as utmost priority while leading teams. I thank the #LSV2020 team for leading this wonderful immersion program! One among many quotes that resonates me is tell investors to "share my idea across, but none can implement better than me," this further motivated me work on my ideas to bring them to world!

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