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“Treat everyone the same.”

The glowing lights in the Adobe lobby representing our enlightening first day of LSV2020.

Sari Dorn '21G | Scotch Plains, NJ Major | Master of Business Administration

“Treat everyone the same” is the first thing Tim Eades said aloud in the rapid fire question segment when asked for the most important lesson he has learned in his career. This response emphasizes the importance of relationships, which was the theme throughout the first day of LSV. Treating everyone the same is directly related to meeting people and building relationships. In a field very focused on bottom lines and monetary value, it is important to bring relationships forward in the mindset. Many of the deals and developments we heard about today would not have existed without continuous relationships and positive reputations. Many of Tim’s anecdotes include “and then I called him up to come work for us”; many leading engineers and executives left their comfortable salaries to take risks in start-ups, based on relationships, trust, and drive.

Tim’s advice can summarize the entire day as we explored Adobe, vArmour, Okera, and Kognos. Every speaker mentioned the importance of relationships. Ann Lewnes, Adobe CMO, and Nadine Elsayed, Internal Marketing Specialist, demonstrated the power of relationships as they are tied together by Lehigh, and Nadine’s internship experience led her to a full time position at Adobe. vArmour’s branding emphasizes “The power of relationships”. Many customers of vArmour are connected to Tim through prior engagement, or are instantly drawn to him upon meeting due to his kindness, smarts, and curiosity. Two other ventures Tim brought to the live cases, Okera and Kognos, are in development stages and seeking mentorship from Tim after relationships of 10 years or more.

The lesson of treating people the same is important as we venture through LSV and beyond. It’s important for us students to consider all the students in attendance and engage with as many different perspectives as possible. It’s important to treat all the entrepreneurs and investors we meet with the same respect as we can learn from all of them. You never know when you may cross paths again, or when you need to call up someone to join your venture as CEO. As students, employees, and entrepreneurs, we must make the best impressions to pave ways for future endeavors.

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