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"Where you start now is not where you’re going to finish"

Sofia Nachmias ‘22 | Syosset, NY

Major | Finance

Minor | Business Information System

On the first day of LehighSiliconValley, we had the opportunity to meet with Carly Potock. She shared with us that where you start now is not where you’re going to finish. This line made me realize that persistence and determination lead to success, even if it strays from the traditional path.

Before LehighSiliconValley, I had the mindset that the job I pursued after graduation would be my career path forever. I thought that the one decision I made coming out of college, really not knowing what I was going into, would define the rest of my professional life. However, after hearing from a variety of successful industry leaders through LSV, this is most certainly not the case.

Sandy Stelling has taken on a variety of roles throughout her career, and except for one, she has never held a position for more than three years. Sandy is attracted to complexity and making things better through problem-solving, which aids in her desire to change roles so frequently. Sandy has a mindset that we have to learn how to learn, and you can translate what you don’t know into something you understand. Having this outlook has given Sandy a sense of freedom and bravery to experiment and take on roles that she didn’t have a lot of prior experience with, which is something I admire.

After hearing from both of these extremely successful women, I no longer fear what will happen if I decide to take on a project that differs from my major or the traditional track. Especially as a finance major, there is often pressure to follow a certain plan, but I am excited to explore the different opportunities available when I enter the workforce. LSV has helped me to realize that there is no standard path for any field and a lot of career paths are not linear. As long as I am dedicated and determined, I can accomplish anything and any role.

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