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LSV2022 Reflections: "The best experience of my Lehigh career..."

Read more from LSV2022 student Bridget Hall '22 as she reflects on her experience in the Baker Institute's signature winter term immersion program this year...

"I applied for Lehigh Silicon Valley because I wanted to have a different Lehigh experience than the rest of my friends. I felt as though I was in a bubble at Lehigh and wanted to expand my perspective when it came to the world of business and innovation. I was getting too comfortable with Lehigh's lifestyle. I recognized the need to seek out different opportunities that the university offered and push myself out of my comfort zone.

For this reason I was eager to experience something new and meet people who are not in my normal circle of friends, while also making professional connections. In addition, I hoped to develop my entrepreneurial mindset. Being an entrepreneur means being creative, curious, and having an undeniable passion for a project. I hoped to continue learning about what it takes to be an entrepreneur by meeting some of the most successful executives in the world.

The LSV program met all of my expectations. LSV was quite honestly the best experience of my Lehigh career. It was immensely eye opening and one that lit a fire in me. Confidence is not something that comes easily to me - especially in public speaking. LSV enabled me to speak up in situations when many strong opinions were present and put my business, communication, and critical thinking skills that I obtained throughout my time here at Lehigh to the test.

Bridget Hall '22 (far right) shares a photo op with her live case teammates Nicholas Wilson '22 (far left), Victoria Dryzmala '23 (middle left), and Victor Cochrane '22 (middle right).

As I approach graduation in May and set out into the professional world, learning to be able to display a certain level of confidence is imperative. During our session with Nadine Elsayed and Bela Madrigal of Adobe, they spoke of their experience with Imposter Syndrome. I, too, experience feelings of doubt about being prepared for the professional world, so it was encouraging to hear that I am not the only one with these dispositions. Both Nadine and Bela advised us to 'fake it til you make it' when you are experiencing a lack of confidence. This was a valuable piece of advice that I can apply both in the classroom and in professional situations when I feel uneasy about making a presentation or pitch.

It was encouraging to hear Sandy Stelling, Alaska Airlines also experienced these feelings of doubt in herself. It is evident that women at all levels question their ability compared to men in the workplace. I can only hope that as the world progresses throughout my career that this dynamic shifts and women feel more confident in their skills and the assets they possess."

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