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LSV2022 Reflections: "LSV has ignited a passion in me to create and innovate..."

Read more from LSV student Khadijah Khan '24 as she reflects on her experience after the first three days of virtual sessions during the Baker Institute's signature winter term immersion program this year...

"To me, Silicon Valley was always just a distant dreamland of innovation and high-tech technology that I never even dared to imagine being a part of. When I heard of LSV2022, it took a while to strike me that I could actually avail this opportunity. I could go to Silicon Valley. I could be a small part of it all. It is incredibly exciting to imagine that I could spend a week as part of this world that I have spent so much time dreaming about. LSV offered another opportunity to further excel my career so I can attain the life I've always wanted for me and my family.

LSV will strongly support the ventures I hope to one day actualize by providing me with a deeper academic and hands-on understanding of the challenges that businesses face in real life. LSV is the ideal launchpad where I can not only apply my skill set but also work to further my own projects that I believe will catalyze society.

I hope to hone my communication skills as well as my analytical acumen in terms of real world business problems. I came into LSV expecting to be overwhelmed by business terms but so far, it's been very welcoming and I have been easing into the program effortlessly. Collaborating with my team has taught me a lot. I love the dynamic we have pulled off. From brainstorming crazy ideas to solving live case studies within a number of hours, I have experienced true teamwork and cooperation.

LSV has ignited a passion in me to create and innovate. I hope to now follow in the footsteps of the numerous CEOs and other innovators LSV has already introduced to me within a number of days. I am extremely excited to be a part of this life-impacting journey.

I have always dreamt of potentially having my own startup someday but it had only been a figment of my imagination until now. The risk that comes with being an entrepreneur is what really scares me, but LSV has really helped me polish skills I didn't know I had.

Interacting with individuals involved in big companies and start ups really opened my eyes to the fact that anything is possible when you try your best. My biggest flaw is my fear of failure. I understand that it's almost impossible to be an entrepreneur without a very high risk of failure, but LSV is starting to open me up to the idea of taking chances and hoping for the best while making smart decisions."

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