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Meet the #LSV21 Cohort

This year's cohort will be unlike any of the 9 that have come before. It will be smaller - only 25 - the ideal number to fit on a Zoom screen, as opposed to 56, the ideal number to fit on a bus. It will also be held completely online. But the top Silicon Valley talent, topics, and incredible learning will be the same. Let's meet the first group of students who make up this year' cohort:

Aliana Brotman ‘21 | Westfield, NJ Major | Marketing & Finance

Minor | Religious Studies

My favorite book growing up was Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. I took the lessons to try new foods and applied it to my open-minded approach on life. I thrive off finding new passions, whether this is discovering I love rock climbing, discovering new music or creating a delicious meal out of random ingredients. My goal in life is to continuously grow and find joy, while encouraging others to do the same. I know this mindset will allow me

to expand my horizons, embrace new experiences, and keep me intrinsically

motivated to reach my full potential.

Kiara Damon ‘21 | Brooklyn, NY

Major | Psychology

Minor | Real Estate & Entrepreneurship

“You are poor, you’re black, and you’re a woman. You started this life with three strikes against you" - Stephanie Covington Armstrong. This is something I realized about my life, given these three qualities apply to me. However, I see this not as a setback necessarily but a challenge to grow within myself. Entrepreneurship has taught me many ways to get creative and overcome obstacles through problem solving and design thinking. It

allows me to break down those barriers and write my own story, seeing a

new perspective on life. I look forward to the ways in which LSV will help

me network and grow as a person to continue breaking down barriers one

day at a time.

Daniel Karkhut ‘22 | Waldwick, NJ Major | Computer Science and Business

Growing up in a family of Ukranians, you learn two things are important in enriching your life; the friends around you and your culture. Taking risks, forming relationships, and having fun doing everything I do is core to my being and it reflects in all aspects of my life. Meeting new friends by varying my interests from producing music, developing meaningful code, to cooking new cuisines bring me great joy. LSV is the opportunity to not only learn more about myself, but to also learn about others through comradery and friendship.

Mia Poley ‘22 | Belmar, NJ

Major | Marketing

Minor | Graphic Design

Having grown up in an environment where I was exposed to all the fun, chaos and excitement of creating and promoting new ventures, it is no surprise that I embody entrepreneurial spirit. I am as strategic as I am spontaneous, as organized as I am flexible and as creative as I am focused on delivering results. Most of my own ventures to date have focused on environmentalism, food, and children. The natural beauty of my hometown on the NJ coast has prompted me to focus on environmental conservation to sustain its beauty for generations to come.

Sahib Saini ‘22 | Carteret, NJ

Major | Computer Science & Business

Minor | Entrepreneurship

Helping others has always been something that I am passionate about, and my lifelong aspiration is to create something that will change people's lives for the better. I have had a heavy interest in technology; it is commendable on what we can accomplish with the new tools that we create, in the forms of smartphones and increasingly powerful computers. During my time at LSV, I hope to learn more about how startups work, so that I can one day create my own startup, and fulfill my altruistic aspiration.

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