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Meet the #LSV21 Cohort

This year's cohort will be unlike any of the 9 that have come before. It will be smaller - only 25 - the ideal number to fit on a Zoom screen, as opposed to 56, the ideal number to fit on a bus. It will also be held completely online. But the top Silicon Valley talent, topics, and incredible learning will be the same. Let's meet the first group of students who make up this year' cohort:

Nell Beatty ‘21 | Westfield, NJ Major | Philosophy

Minor | Computer Science

I have always had a strong interest in both art and technology and how the two work together. During my time at Lehigh I have found ways to expand and support these two interests through my Philosophy major and Computer Science minor. I have a growing understanding of the importance of interdisciplinary studies and hope to challenge myself and other students in LSV to explore these important intersections.

Sofia Nachmias ‘22 | Syosset, NY

Major | Finance

Minor | Business Information System

For as long as I can remember my family has taken trips during winter break. As my brother and I got older, these trips began to turn from beach vacations to scenic visits. It was at this point that I realized how much I loved to travel. As we began to visit different countries, I quickly became aware of the different cultures around me. I am interested in learning about people’s different backgrounds and seeing how these different perspectives work together. I am excited to learn more and problem solve as we combine the diverse perspectives within this program.

Odilon Bertrand Niyomugabo ‘21 | Rwanda

Major | Industrial & Systems Engineering

Minor | Business

As a child growing up in a country recovering from a massive genocide and a broken economy, Rwanda, I was forced to embrace hard work at a young age and quickly learned to take advantage of every opportunity I got. I am driven to using business problem-solving skills and innovative thinking to make an impact on the world. I would describe myself as a motivated, detail-oriented, and open-minded individual. Outside of academia, you can either find me playing or talking about sports especially Soccer and Basketball, dancing to a random song, or talking about business opportunities with my friends.

Natalie Walsh ‘22 | Golden, CO Major | Finance

Minor | Entrepreneurship, Real Estate and International Relations

In paradox to my usual organized self, I impulsively decided to take a gap year after graduating high school. My penchant for helping and teaching others throughout middle and high school could only be satiated by doing more of it. I traveled to five developing countries to partake in an array of volunteer work while becoming immersed in the various cultures. While I’ve always been independent, this experience strengthened my ambition, enhanced my love for traveling and meeting new people, heightened my desire for learning and augmented my gratitude.

Alex Walsh-Kelly ‘22 | Basking Ridge, NJ

Major | Economics

Minor | Russian and International Relations

I am a hockey player who loves learning new things and experiencing how someone else's unique perspective can solve a difficult problem. I attribute my interests to my parents and brothers who have taught me to be confident in the face of any problem. I am grateful to be able to experience a unique culture of passion and open mindedness within my home daily. I think startup is like that as well, a blend of unique perspectives and ideas which is why I am so drawn to it and am excited to expand my knowledge of it through LSV.

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