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"Accept every part of my story"

LSV students at San Gregorio lookout!

Cherease Douglas '22 | Far Rockaway, NYC

Major | Finance and Management 

Minor | Sociology

I will use the knowledge and valuable insight that I have gained through LSV thus far in order to make more informed decisions in my business career.

I aspire to be the leader of a company in the the service industry but promoting social good and helping enhance the local economy. My next steps are to take more entrepreneurship classes at Lehigh and start looking at startups so I can learn more about the culture.

One of the most impactful quotes that I heard this week relates to this is that “being an entrepreneur is not a sprint but a marathon.” This was so impactful because it helped me realize that it is okay to slow down and not expect to have things figured out at this point. Also, it shows me to accept every part of my story like the ups and downs because all together that will prepare me for the finish line which is where I see myself once I am successful.

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