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EUREKA! Pitch Night February '19

EUREKA! Pitch Nights continue to see brand new startup talent each month. We had seven new teams out of eight pitch on February 28.

Our two judges were no strangers to Baker or entrepreneurship. Jamie Flinchbaugh '94 is the founder of both JFlinch and Old DutchGroup. Previously he co-founded the Lean Learning Center, and he has helped build nearly 20 other companies as either a co-founder, board of directors member, advisor, or angel investor. Wayne Barz '87 is the Entrepreneurial Services manager at Ben Franklin Technology Partners, located on Mountaintop Campus.

View photos from EUREKA! here.

A total of eight teams pitched. All eight were awarded mentoring hours, but only five impressed the judges enough to win money. Congratulations to the following teams:

​Stage 1: Luminae: An innovative hair care experience catering to your specific hair's needs.

Zhane Jackson '19G

Our Stuff for Charity: Unique handmade decor made directly to support those in need.

Dominique Voitek '20

Shipigrow: Shipigrow is a modular system that provides relief services to disaster stricken and impoverished areas by providing a way for people to sustainably produce food and purify water.

Scott Gruninger '20

Stage 2: Pre Workout Gummies: Makes taking pre workout on the go easy and delicious by delivering it in a gummy.

Zachary Limmiatis '20

Stage 3:

A Sneakerhead's Paradise: ASP is a subscription based platform that provides unmatched opportunities to acquire highly sought after sneakers for retail price.

NazrEl-Scari '21, Eliza Wastcoat '20

Don't miss your last chance to pitch this year at March's EUREKA! Pitch Night! Applications are due March 26th at 8 AM to pitch on March 28 at 5:00 PM in Williams Global Commons!

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