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EUREKA! Pitch Night: March 2020

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted in-person events, the Baker Institute is committed to reinventing our programming to fit a virtual model. Our first event in this new format was our March EUREKA! Pitch Night and it ended up being are largest pitch night yet!

We had 10 teams pitch, including 6 returners. Our judges were Steven Goldthwaite, entrepreneur and former CEO of Metem Corporation, and Jon Zack, founder and CEO of FunnelKake.

Congratulations to the winning teams:

Stage 1 Awarded Coaching & Money: 

MycroActive Microscopes: Our product uses an app and microscope shell to simulate the experience of using a microscope that is more affordable than traditional microscopes and more interactive than virtual microscopes.

Alex Romanowski '23 & Chase Mattingly '23

IDAILY: Helping individuals with special needs live an independent life with assistive technology.

Alexandra Gonzalez '19 '20G

Stage 2 Awarded Coaching & Money:

Adspace: Car advertising in a differentiated way.

Steven Kattouf '21

Gators Ski Masks: Gators ski masks implement the design elements of a woodworking mask in order to reduce moisture collection in cold environments and remain secure in the face. 

Justin Gelwicks '23 Stage 2 Awarded Coaching & Money:

LJ's Midnight Munchies: A fast-casual late night restaurant that delivers unique dining experiences to college students.

Juwon Owolabi '20

Gaming Tips: Artificially Intelligent Coaching for CSGO

Ben Mesnik '22

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