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"Fortunately, I was very wrong."

Scott Correia '20 | Software Engineering

Major | Industrial and Systems Engineering Minor | Entrepreneurship

Hometown | Wayland, MA

I learned about the LehighSiliconeValley program mid-way through my sophomore year. At the time, I was still debating if I wanted to pursue a minor in entrepreneurship so the trip was only in the back of mind. It wasn’t until I took Chris Kauzmann’s entrepreneurship 101 class last fall that I knew this was something I had a passion for and I was also good at.

It was shortly after I applied to the LSV program. I had heard such great things about the trip but it seemed mostly like a networking opportunity. Entering the trip, I was expecting just the opportunity to meet some company executives and hand out my resume. Fortunately, I was very wrong. As soon as the first session began I quickly realized that this trip was so much more. Over the course of the next four days, which consisted of the core program, we had the luxury as a group to dig into the depths of what is entrepreneurship in the Silicon Valley. Not only did we gain amazing insight into what it takes to be an entrepreneur out West but also great inside knowledge about the individual companies. Every session I was engaged and wanting to know more. What started as a simple networking opportunity transformed into an immersive learning experience. LSV has delivered what I expected and so much more. Although we only have two more days I can’t wait to see what the trip has in store for me!

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