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"I’m passionate about the future."

Alana Hill '19 | FinTech

Major | Finance

Minor | International Business Certificate

Hometown | Clarksville, MD

During LSV, not only have I learned what it takes to start a company, but I have learned how I may demonstrate my own passion in my career. I am a senior. Thus, my career will be starting in just a couple months. Obviously, I am excited, but more than anything I am nervous. With work comes more responsibility and less ownership of your time. They say if you enjoy what you do, you will never work a day in your life. When we think about this, we all think that we must try to exercise our passion in our careers. However we also must realize that doing what you’re good at can result in a passion. For example, I am on the “FinTech track” at LSV. I am not exactly passionate about technology that supports methods of payment among the many other forms of financial technology. Rather, I’m passionate about the future. I’m passionate about what eases the day to day of the common person. I’m passionate about leading a team that creates a great product.

Graduation is so daunting because the realization has hit that I will have to work 40 hours a week or more in a job that my younger self did not foresee. Believe it or not, I did not aspire to work in business or finance when I was 10 years old. Instead, I aspired to be a leader, to be an inspiration, and to make the world better. I still aspire to do this. LSV has taught me that I can. It has shown me the impact that technology makes on people’s lives. It has taught me that I have the capability to be a leader not only among my peers at Lehigh, but among professionals far more experienced than myself. Thus, my next steps will be to ensure that I work for a company where this will come to fruition. I want to work for a company where I see the impact its product is making for the common person. I want to do something I am good at. My college career has taught me that I am a leader. LSV has taught me that I am not afraid to act as a leader among those who are far more experienced than myself. I will apply for positions that will get me there, and continue to network with the professionals I have met at LSV who have shown me the impact technology is making. LSV has revealed a path on which I can pursue my passion. For that, I will be forever thankful.

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