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"Importance of the people"

On top of Twin Peaks in San Francisco

Nick Owens '21 | Phoenix, MD

Major | IDEAS: Computer Science and Design

Minor | Entrepreneurship

Looking back on my experience at LSV so far the one thing that has been stressed above all else is the importance of the people you surround yourself with. Listening to and conversing with highly successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists over the past week, it has been interesting to hear how much each one of them attribute their success to having incredibly talented people on their team. For most their first attempts working in the startup industry were not successful, yet they were critical failures - as they were the places where they met future teammates to build successful enterprises with.

Trying to start a company in college is exhausting and is especially difficult when that burden is carried alone. Last semester I learned the hard way that it is just about impossible to balance school, social life, and trying to start a company - so I gave up working on the company for the semester. As I re-evaluate now, I recognize the value of having passionate people on my team. Not only does it divide the work, but it breathes life into the operation and makes the hard work involved much more enjoyable. While before I had been careful to look for a cofounder that balances me out, I now realize that the most important thing is that they excite me and motivate me to work on this project - and I do the same for them.

Looking past my next semester and into my future, it is clear to me that if I want to continue to follow this entrepreneurial itch there is only one place to go, and that is where the people are - San Francisco.

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