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In Their Own Words: Will Perrachio '21

Will Perrachio '21

Major | Computer Science and Business

EUREKA! It’s a word of discovery, of insight, of success. The origin of the word dates back to ancient Greece, where it was believed the great scientist Archimedes uttered the word after discovering a new method for determining the purity of gold. The word was a pure expression of his elation at finding something that was previously unfound.

The EUREKA! Pitch ventures was my eureka moment. While I hadn’t discovered gold, I had discovered something much more valuable about myself: I’m an entrepreneur. Though I was shy and introverted growing up, I always had ideas about how to solve the problems I faced. I remember watching Shark Tank, fascinated by the pitches, and told myself “wow, wouldn’t that be cool.”

It was my freshman year at Lehigh when I found myself with that opportunity. I still remember sweating bullets as I waited to be called up to present. Before I knew it, the pitch was over. It was a flurry of “cool idea, but have you considered X? How could you improve the value proposition for customer Y?”

Even if I’m not working in a startup all my life, I know that I’ll be able to bring what entrepreneurship has taught me wherever I go. Regardless if it’s a company of one or one hundred thousand employees, the ideas of empathy, customer discovery, and creative destruction will help me to more effectively solve any problems I may face. That was my eureka moment.

My name is Will Perrachio and I am an entrepreneur.

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