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Meet the #LSV2019 Cohort

LehighSiliconValley includes 55 students across 4 topical tracks. Let's learn more about them!

Drew Patel '21 | Software Engineering Major | Computer Engineering and Cognitive Science

Games have always been an important part of my life. It has also taught me many valuable lessons. For one, being a semi-skilled athlete vying for a position on a team, I’ve always had to compensate for my skill level by devising wild physical maneuvers that would hopefully payoff in making the team. This thought process then transferred over to devising different kinds of strategic maneuvers when playing video games; whereby, I would try to win over the top players without having logged as many hours as they did, but managed to make key strategic moves that would prove to be beneficial in the long run. Although I am an engineering student, learning about the use of various business models, methods and strategies is crucial in the engineering development processes. I am excited to be invited to Silicon Valley and gain new insights about startup culture and business itself.

Megan Rankin '20 | Start Up

Major | Marketing

Minor | Entrepreneurship and Business Information Systems

One thing I learned from my parents at a young age was to be inquisitive and always ask questions. This has influenced my career path greatly as I decided to go into the business and entrepreneurship field. I am by nature a curious person and always wondering “why?” like why aren’t there more vegan and cruelty free cosmetic lines in the market? Combining two of my passions, entrepreneurship and the beauty community, I want to create something that makes women feel beautiful without harming animals and the environment. I am eager to use this experience to help solve this problem.

Paola Lopez '21 | Arts Entrepreneurship Major | Material Science

Minor | Product Design

I consider myself a well rounded person genuinely curious about the world. I was born and raised in Nicaragua, and I have had the opportunity to travel to over 20 countries. When I first came to college in the United States, I would meet people and kiss them in the cheek because that is what is common where I am from. However, I quickly learned that a handshake is the norm in the U.S when one day a boy thought I wanted to kiss him romantically, instead of just saying hello. That day I learned that it is the little things that make up a culture and rule people’s interactions. I hope that through this program I can learn about the little things that make the startup culture so amazing.

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