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Meet the #LSV2019 Cohort

LehighSiliconValley includes 55 students across 4 topical tracks. Let's learn more about them!

Sabina Cheng '19 | Start Up

Major | Supply Chain Management and Marketing

Minor | Psychology

I love meeting new people. I love hearing about their story, and the experiences that have shaped them. I love learning about their background and seeing and hearing the influences of it impact their opinions and experiences. Born and raised in Georgia and now living in Brooklyn, I’ve been able to meet a wide variety of people all coming from various backgrounds and able to share different experiences and going abroad to Milan last semester has continued to allow me to get to know more people. I’m excited to travel to Silicon Valley and continue to have new experiences.

Olivia Reinold '19 | Arts Entrepreneurship

Major | Graphic Design

Minor | Studio Art

Within the past 3 years I have come to truly appreciate experiencing life as a creative individual. Art has taught me to be patient with progress, open minded to collaboration and appreciate the value in everyone’s differences. As a student athlete I utilize my creative problem solving and decision-making skills in practice and competition. I am so excited to continue creating and learning alongside my peers during my time in the Silicon Valley.

John Schaaf '21 | Start Up

Major | Finance

Minor | Integrated Real Estate

Ever since I was little, I’ve had an interest in business and money.  From running lemonade stands as a kid to reselling limited edition Air Jordan’s in high school, I’ve had a knack for turning my passions into profit. Having these experiences so young has taught me how to hustle and to never back down because of my age. Besides this, I wouldn’t be the person I am without the love and support from my family and friends. I believe in always keeping an open mind and never turning down a conversation.

Eric Sherman '19 | FinTech

Major | Management

Minor | Entrepreneurship

Growing up in a household with many physician family members, I was drawn to a career devoted to helping others. A premedical track did not seem to interest me, but I wanted to pursue something entrepreneurial and within the health care sector. Last semester, I furthered my medical interests by interning in Geneva, Switzerland for Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance, a nonprofit devoted to vaccinating children in underdeveloped countries. I am hoping that my presence in Silicon Valley will further my medical entrepreneurial endeavors.

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