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Meet the #LSV2020 Cohort

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

LehighSiliconValley launches January 7, 2020. Check out our 56 students representing 30 majors, 21 minors, 15 states and 8 countries. Let's learn more about them!

Alexander Rodgers '19 '20G | Montville, NJ

Major | Accounting

Minor | Religious Studies

Having competed for Lehigh's Track and Field team during my undergrad years, I learned many life lessons that have allowed me to mature into the person I am today. Most importantly, as a captain my senior year, I developed an understanding of how to bring people of different abilities and skill sets together to accomplish a single goal. Though sometimes it felt like an uphill battle, I believe I helped my teammates find their roles within the team. In LSV, I am looking forward to working with others and searching for different ways in which we all can be successful.

Hannah Lee '20 | Stroudsburg, PA

Major | Computer Science

Minor | Psychology

Technology holds the power to change the world; this is essentially why I chose to pursue a major in computer science. Growing up in a small town, I feared that I would not be able to make a remarkable impact on the world. When I began programming and realized the amount of lives I can touch through technology, I knew this was the path for me. Being immersed in the tech hub that is Silicon Valley will give me even more insight into how I can utilize my technical skill set to change the world for the better.

John Cunningham '21 | Westfield, NJ

Major | Computer Science & Business

Minor | Entrepreneurship

I’m a translator. It started when I taught myself Spanish to talk to my grandparents during Sunday dinners. I saw how much more they opened up to me when I spoke to them and listened to their stories in their own language. It was that spirit that drove me to translate ideas into +20 websites and apps, starting at the age of 16. At LSV, I hope to improve my ability to translate user stories into business solutions. Learn more about me at

Jessica Sandoe '20 | Gettysburg, PA

Major | IBE: Bioengineering, Biomechanics and Biomaterials

Minor | Economics

I appreciate the complexity, intricacy, and interconnected nature of the world and the people in it. Thinking outside the box is my state of mind, rather than a task to be engaged in when things are difficult. My greatest strengths are my mental agility, warm heart, and my unrelenting drive towards self-improvement. The most important thing to me is the creation and nurturing of meaningful personal relationships, and in these, I am fiercely loyal. I am adventurous and curious, with an insatiable appetite for knowledge, and desire to realize the greatest potential of the human experience. I am, authentically, myself.

Ethan Smith '22 | New Boston, NH

Major | Finance

Minor | Entrepreneurship, Management

Growing up in a small New Hampshire town forced me to find ways to entertain myself, which is what I attribute my creative thinking abilities to today. I have never been one to enjoy sitting down or sticking to a routine. I learn best through hands-on, problem-solving experiences which is why I am excited to dive into the heart of Silicon Valley. I am very intellectually curious – even as a kid, I asked my Dad for “machines” that I could dismantle and attempt to put back together. Additionally, I am very passionate about personal development, golf, guitar and nature.

Lindsey Andreana '20 | New Rochelle, NY

Major | Finance & Economics

Minor | Business Analytics

Music has always played an important role in my life. Whether that be singing off key or dancing out of rhythm, there was always music playing. I was able to follow my passions through hosting my own radio show during my time in college. Rising through the ranks to become General Manager of the radio station, I have been able to impact real change through this passion for music. Music helps to create meaningful connections with people and has been part of the most memorable moments in my life.

Joseph Malisov '21 | New York, NY

Major | Computer Science

Minor | Earth & Environmental Science

I'm often unsure where to take the next step in life. Though my own uncertainty about the future makes me nervous, I have realized that interacting with helping others is my daily driver. Few things feel better than teaching a friend something that gives them joy (maybe only snuggling with my dog can beat that.) I have found that spending time with others and helping each other grow is among the most useful and fulfilling activities. I hope to be able to fill my days with more of the same in the future.

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