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Meet the #LSV2020 Cohort

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

LehighSiliconValley launches January 7, 2020. Check out our 56 students representing 30 majors, 21 minors, 15 states and 8 countries. Let's learn more about them!

Julia Pardee '21 | Freehold, NJ

Major | Marketing & Business Information Systems

Minor | Real Estate

At four years old, my first dream job was fashion designer. While this may have manifested from my obsession with Project Runway, my fascination with personal style has never wavered. A unique outfit expresses one’s individuality, and I frequently use fashion as a means to challenge myself and experiment. Styling requires imagination, vision, and an attention to detail, much like entrepreneurship. The phrase “make it work” is equally applicable to Project Runway as it is to the startup world. I am eager to immerse myself in the innovative culture of San Francisco and LSV.

Travis Barnes '20 | Bethlehem, PA

Major | Computer Science Engineering

If you had to summarize my beliefs, they revolve around self-reflection and self-improvement. These are ideals that I don’t believe can be easily taught instead they have to be learned through personal experience. I’m not afraid to fail, to be called out on my mistakes, or to embarrass myself in unfamiliar situations. These events bring about growth but only when one sits down to contemplate how to move forward in a positive direction. Situations laced with uncertainty give me comfort as I know I’ll learn something no matter the outcome.

Eliza Wastcoat '20 | London, U.K.

Major | Marketing

Minor | International Relations

Born and raised in London, to a German mother and American father, my international background brings a unique perspective to the table that adds to the diversity and quality of thought in a room. Being a dyslexic student has brought many challenges that have made me resilient in the face of failure and given me the gift of creativity. I am a 'doer' and because of this I have been able to develop significant entrepreneurial experience, helping to raise $15,000 as CMO of A Sneakerhead's Paradise in 2019. I excel in verbal reasoning, organization, and add flair to any presentation.

Scott Gruninger '20 | Easton, PA

Major | Small Business Consulting

Minor | Entrepreneurship

Doing good and doing well is integral to my being. I believe that entrepreneurship is not just about making money, but is also about being able to make a positive contribution to society. I have always liked the concept of entrepreneurship and the complex problem solving that it involves. Through this passion I started and sold off my 3D printing business, and I am working as COO on another startup. Another way that I do this is by being the president of the Baker Startup Group; a space that allows student entrepreneurs to come together and talk about their ventures with like-minded individuals.

Elene Amiranashivili '21 | New York, NY

Major | Computer Science and Business

Born in Georgia, the country, I am extremely thankful and aware of the sacrifices my parents made in order for me to have the opportunities I have. Therefore, I try to do everything I can with heart and excitement because I cannot even fully grasp everything it took to get me here. I want to try, see, and learn everything. Which is a daunting but an exciting task. So far, I’ve delved into the world of theater, studied computer science, and watched hundreds of hours of Survivor. I am very eager for Lehigh Silicon Valley and all the firsts I will experience.

Hank Portney '21 | Jersey City, NJ

Major | IDEAS: Mechanical Engineering, Product Design, & Sustainable Development

I'm a designer and maker originally from Jersey City, New Jersey. I believe every problem has a design solution, and it's my life's mission to apply design problem-solving skills to the most critical of societal issues - particularly climate change. I love learning new things, developing new skills, and meeting new people - and I hope that wherever I end up in life, I don't ever stop doing these things.

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