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Meet the #LSV2020 Cohort

LehighSiliconValley launches January 7, 2020. Check out our 56 students representing 30 majors, 21 minors, 15 states and 8 countries. Let's learn more about them!

Karim Rajmohamed '20 | Macungie, PA

Major | Mechanical Engineering

Minor | Computer Science

Being born and raised in America to immigrant parents from two unique parts of the world (Pakistan and Uganda) has shaped a lot of my perspective. I have traveled to many places which are not well visited. Traveling with an engineering mindset exposes me to how people creatively solve problems given very special circumstances. I try to learn and apply these methods to my life. In the near future, I want to work in an environment which allows me to be innovative and solve exciting problems. Through LSV I want to explore my passions and expand my professional network!

Eve Freed '21 | Oley, Pennsylvania

Major | IDEAS: Mechanical Engineering and Design

It’s probably because I have 13 siblings, but I’m happiest when I’m surrounded by diverse perspectives and wild imaginations. Born into a leadership role in my family, I have a love for collaboration and helping others in navigating their lives, and by being surrounded by young minds in my home growing up, I’ve found that I’ve never lost my youthful curiosity and creativity. I consider myself an artist, engineer, and writer. As an aspiring storyteller, I am incredibly excited to be traveling to Silicon Valley to hear other’s impactful stories and create more of my own.

John Cantwell '20 | Moorestown, NJ

Major | IBE: Financial Engineering

Born and raised outside of Philadelphia, the pinnacle of my entrepreneurial interest thus far has been my high school landscaping company. I am happiest when I’m with family and good friends, whether that be at the beach, traveling and eating great food, or golfing. I also find enjoyment in setting my mind towards conquering a challenge that I’m passionate about. In Silicon Valley, I hope to hear fresh perspectives and identify challenges that interest me. I aspire to one day make an impact on the world through business, all while keeping important my values of faith, family, and community.

Devon Jackson '21 | Los Angeles, CA

Major | International Relations

Minor | Environmental Studies and Entrepreneurship

I was born and raised on the west coast, lived and experienced the east coast through college, and traveled the world and all its hidden gems. I'm always passionate about travel and new experiences, especially when they are unexpected and teach me something new about either myself or my surroundings. I find beauty in imperfection. I believe growth and learning continue throughout our lives, shaping our understanding of the people and things around us as well as ourselves. I'm excited to explore, experience and learn everything LSV has to offer, and in some way shape the world around me.

Andrew Zhang '20 | Boston, MA

Major | Finance

Minor | Music/Music Industry

Music is my passion. Growing up I was always immersed in music as a singer and piano player. I’ve grown as a performer, picking up instruments such as guitar, producing, and DJing; however, I’ve also grown to explore the business side of the music industry which supports artists, record labels, and streaming services. Music, including other extracurriculars, such as being an Orientation Coordinator and a Lehigh Programming Board Music Director has taught me to use my creativity to find effective business solutions in my work. I’m excited to continue developing my creative mindset and hopefully discovering new perspectives through LSV.

Laura Parks '18 '20G | Bethlehem, PA

Major | Marketing ('18), Technical Entrepreneurship ('20G)

Growing up in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, I knew early on that I wanted to attend Lehigh. But what I didn’t know was how much Lehigh would change me. As a freshman, I was super shy and afraid to step out of my comfort zone. Through academics and athletics, I learned to find value in failure and to always have a growth mindset. Now the thought of a challenge excites me and I’m not afraid to stand up and talk in front of a room full of people. I am so excited to take on challenges and keep learning with LSV2020.

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