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Startup Job Fair Success Story: Jordan Levy '14 & CapSource

We shared CapSource's Startup Job Fair success story last year - and we're sharing it again! If you are interested in recruiting at the 2020 Startup Job Fair visit for more information and to register!

Startup Job Fair

February 27, 2020

3-5 PM | Williams Hall

Register by: February 24, 2020

Jordan Levy '14 is the founder of CapSource - a company that participated in last year's Start Up Job fair. It was there that he met Abbey Goldenberg '21, a current IBE Major at Lehigh. Read more about Jordan's experience at the Start Up Job Fair:

What initially drew you to the Start Up Job Fair last year?

I really appreciated that Lehigh was doing more to help connect students with real companies interested in leveraging them for help on real, crucial projects. As a Lehigh grad that started my first company as a student in the Baker Institute / CBE, I really valued when employers came in and were part of the education process. I always knew I would make it a priority to do the same in the future.

Please share about your experience at the fair. I really enjoyed the event last year. We were able to provide a quick overview of our business and some of our upcoming challenges, which resulted in a lot of immediate student interest during the network portion of the evening.  We were able to on-board three student interns, two of which have remained with us for a full year. Most notably, we were able to find Abbey Goldenberg, who’s an outstanding young professional who has been absolutely crucial to our business since coming on-board. Her main responsibilities are graphic design, website content management, social media marketing, and brand strategy. She’s been taking over increasingly more responsibility as a Manager in our marketing department and is most certainly learning and growing as she takes on more and more challenging tasks. It’s nice that this event is catered to startups because it draws out the students that are particularly interested in getting their hands dirty and learning about business from the ground up.

What would you say to companies who may be thinking about participating in the Start Up Job Fair? If you’re in the region, a Lehigh alum, or someone who’s interested in emerging talent from the university, I’d highly recommend making the small investment of time and money to be a part of this special event. Networking with employers is a crucial part of the learning experience for students and this event really has the right balance of students, faculty, and companies to be really effective for all participants.

To sign up for the job fair - as a company or a student - visit

About Jordan and CapSource

Jordan Levy '14 is a Forbes 30 Under 30 and serial education technology entrepreneur.

He has started two EdTech companies that help higher-ed programs bridge the skills gap for their students through experiential learning. His method is to integrate real companies into the education process through hands-on collaborations that expose learners to new circumstances with real stakeholders, challenges, and outcomes. 

CapSource is a fast-growing marketplace where educators and students can find companies interested in collaborating through specially designed project-based learning engagements. So far, CapSource’s has leveraged 100+ different host company partners to provide in-depth learning experiences to 1,500+ students at 25 different schools and universities around the globe including Fordham University, UT Dallas, the University of Illinois, Pace University, and Notre Dame

Jordan started his first company, Real Time Cases, while an undergraduate at Lehigh University studying Accounting, Finance, and Entrepreneurship. That company has since raised over $8M in private funding and is working on reinventing the case study method for the 21st century leveraging real companies and their current business challenges. During his tenure there, he built the product and sales team and helped the company reach over 30,000 students at 200+ universities through the original content and platform.

Outside of work, Jordan is passionate about cooking, photography, networking, mixology, travel, sailing, tennis, public speaking, and coaching/connecting fellow entrepreneurs. Learn more about CapSource here.

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