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Student Spotlight: Nazr El-Scari '21

Updated: May 9, 2019

Nazr El-Scari's '21 first work with Baker began last summer with the Hatchery, but he's been an entrepreneur since high school.

Get to know Nazr and learn more about his startup, A Sneakerhead's Paradise.

Nazr El-Scari '21

Major | Marketing and Management Minor | Entrepreneurship Hometown | Kansas City, Missouri

Are you currently working on an idea or startup?

Yes I am. It is called A Sneakerhead's Paradise. ASP is a subscription based platform that aims to provide sneaker enthusiasts unmatched opportunities to be able to acquire sneakers at their original retail price. This is important because in the fast growing market of sneakers not everyone can afford to pay resell price for sneakers but this doesn’t mean people shouldn't be able to enjoy the various styles and acquire their favorite sneakers.

What appeals to you about entrepreneurship?

What appeals to me most about entrepreneurship is the creation process of building a business/creating a product

What has been an entrepreneurial challenge that you've faced? How did you overcome it?

The biggest entrepreneurial challenge I have faced aside from the challenge of gaining funding was feeling comfortable telling people much older than me what to do. However, I realized how important it was for me to speak up about what I wanted done and how I wanted things to look especially since it was the success of my idea that was on the line.

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