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"What is your why?"

Scootering through San Francisco with my buddies

TJ Rakowsky '22 | Erwinna, PA Major | Finance

Minor | Spanish

What is your why? A question that seems so simple, yet is so profound and integral to every individual. I desire to promote change through health and wellness in a world that lacks such exposure to the most critical aspect of our wellbeing as humans.

However, as I examined my true passion and drive for impact on a modern culture. I realized how vague my answer would be unless I put strategic effort into the outcome. After sitting in my seat for nearly thirty minutes and struggling with a concrete conclusion to my why, I was able to finally come to the realization that the process is going to take a lot more time and thought to achieve a profound connection with my subconscious and true passion in this unique world of opportunity. Given the amount of time that I put in, I now know that I crave an outlet that affords me an opportunity to prove my passion for innovation, discovery, and a desire to conquer the most real, yet unique world health problems.

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