Rightful. Inclusive. Student. Entrepreneurship.

The Baker Institute's RISE (Rightful Inclusive Student Entrepreneurship) Initiative is our commitment to the intentional creation of equitable and inclusive opportunities for students from under-represented groups on campus.


Meet Princess Scott '21, '22G

Our RISE Innovation Associate, Princess Scott '21, '22G is leading the primary research and qualitative data collection that will uncover the insight we need to understand the why and the how behind the explicit, implicit, and systemic barriers that students must navigate on their path to entrepreneurial thinking and doing. As we analyze this data, it will inform our language, practices, and program design moving forward.


To provide tools, resources and a powerhouse network as a means of leveling the funding/resource/startup playing field, fostering greater self-efficacy, a growth mindset and helping to scale the entrepreneurial endeavors of students from under-represented groups during their time at Lehigh and beyond.


We look ahead to the time when entrepreneurs from under-represented groups within the Lehigh family are properly equipped to fearlessly pursue their entrepreneurial goals, make bold strides during their journeys as founders and connect with like-minded game-changers, ultimately fostering a unique and supportive band of tenacious entrepreneurial leaders with diverse identities.


How might we help student entrepreneurs from under-represented groups overcome lived experiences of explicit, implicit and systemic biases and galvanize them to level up and claim the opportunities that are available, leverage the networks they build and become successful entrepreneurial leaders.