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Meet the #LSV21 Cohort

This year's cohort will be unlike any of the 9 that have come before. It will be smaller - only 25 - the ideal number to fit on a Zoom screen, as opposed to 56, the ideal number to fit on a bus. It will also be held completely online. But the top Silicon Valley talent, topics, and incredible learning will be the same. Let's meet the first group of students who make up this year' cohort:

Julian Del Campo '07 ‘21G | Fanwood, NJ

Major | Master of Business Administration

Curiosity is a driving force in my life that is pervasive across both personal and professional fields. From exploring new films in the Criterion Collection, to experimenting with a BBQ recipe on the smoker, understanding the subtleties of how things work is always compelling. Returning to Lehigh for my MBA has continued to promote curiosity in my professional endeavors. LSV21 is a wonderful opportunity to further develop and grow, as I’m a strong believer that hands-on experience is the most efficient way to learn something new.

Salma Elboute ‘22 | Brooklyn, NY

Major | Management

Minor | Africana Studies

One thing my parents unintentionally taught me was to never be afraid to try new things. That mindset has stayed with me in my personal life especially when I get the opportunity to travel to new places or try new foods. In my professional life I found my interest in entrepreneurship and I am always involved in projects and organizations that aid in the betterment of people around me. Through it all I never forget my Moroccan roots and New York City that has shaped me. I’m excited to dive into my passions and learn what LSV has to offer.

Chloe Koehler ‘22 | Princeton, NJ

Major | IDEAS: Environmental Engineering and Global Studies

I believe that perspective is the product of experience. Being raised by passionate and caring parents has made me very open minded and thoughtful. I have always been creative, but also have a propensity for linear thinking which has helped me in engineering classes. Through travel and volunteering I have developed a desire to help others and a fascination with culture. I also have a passion for the environment and sustainability, which stems from a love of the outdoors and nature. Through LSV I hope to learn through collaboration, and continue to challenge myself and develop my perspective.

Quentin O’Brien ‘22 | Bronxville, NY

Major | Finance

Minor | Real Estate

Born and Raised in NY. I've lived in my hometown of Bronxville NY for most of my life having a brief pause living in NYC while attending the United Nations international school. Over the past 4 years I've managed to start my own business selling leases on new vehicles on a variety of car forums. I've grown the business from selling 2-3 cars each month to over 30-40. I'm really interested in learning more about how to scale my business and look at opportunities after college. At school, I am a finance major and really enjoy researching real estate, hence the real estate minor. I'm happiest when I'm on vacation detoxing, actually taking a break from my business and school, very hard for me to do.

Nora Thomson ‘22 | Lincroft, NJ Major | Mechanical Engineering & Product Design

My whole life I’ve always loved to build, make, and create, whether that be in the form of sewing, sculpting, or even photographing, it’s what I see myself doing in the future, but I don’t know how to get there. One of my greatest downfalls is my inability to take the first step. As a very calculated, logic and numbers type person, my fear of being a failure or imposter often holds me back. I’m hoping that LSV will help me to build my confidence and inspire me to take a risk and step outside my comfort zone.

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